Put the Man in MANicure.

Okay fellas, let’s talk manicures. I know what you’re thinking “only women get manicures”. Don’t worry, with men and nails we do MANicures. A manicure is simply just taking extra care of your nails. Do you always have splitting nails? Or even painful hang nails? Well if you give yourself a manicure once in a while, you can prevent all that from happening!

So how does one give a MANicure. Here’s how we do it Men and Nails style:

First, you should trim and file your nails with your nail clipper and your file. So where do you even start? First start with clean nails and hands and your men and nails nail clippers. Trim the “free edges” or the white part of your nails as short of long as you like. You can straight across to your desired length and then cut each side to round the nail or start on the edge and slowly make your way around. Whichever you prefer. Be careful not to cut to close to your fingers! Pro tip: small clips at a time can help you control your nail trimming and give you the best results without any problems.

Then use your men and nails nail file to smile out the rough or harsh edges of your nails from the clippers. All you have to do it rub it across the hard edges of your nails. That’s it! These will ensure the best results.

Once those claws are cut and filed, soak your nails. It doesn’t have to be for long, you can even just run some warm water over your hands if you don’t want to be seen with your manly hands in a warm bowl of water. Just a minute or two in warm water will suffice.

Once your hands are soaked, this will ensure that those cuticles are soft. What is a cuticle? You know that small piece of skin at the base of your nails that sometimes can look a little crazy. You can use your men and nails cuticle pusher and push those suckers back. Make sure to be gentle and not push too far... it should not hurt!

Once you push back your cuticle it's time to trim the hang nails. We all know a hang nail can be a pain in the finger. Your days of using your teeth to bite off your hangnails is over. Use the Nail Nipper to trim the hanging skin. When cutting the hanging skin, make sure to cut where the base of the hang nail and cut it straight it across. DO NOT pull on the skin because it can cause it to irritate.

After you’re done guess what.. you my friend have just given yourself a manicure. Yes it’s that easy!

To finish off your work make sure your hands are moisturized! You should have some lotion preferably with Vitamin C or E and some aloe Vera. These ingredients are best for keeping your skin moisturized and crack free.

Trust me, don’t skip this step! You want to keep all the skin on your hands healthy and plus, your girl will appreciate you not having sandpaper hands anymore!

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